Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yarn Porn & status update

Ok, so while I haven't been posting, I have been knitting (I swear).

I'm almost done with knitting Yorick, and then I'll felt him.

No progress on my Trekking XXL socks, although I did start a pair of Hedera in Mountain Colors Bearfoot (squee!) in Wilderness that I got from my MellowSP2 upstream SP.

Also, I've been messing around with Fair Isle, and have knit two small childs' hats (not because I'm giving them to kids, it's because that's the size they turned out to be after the double thickness knit exerted itself), and am working on a third. The hats will have a post all to themselves at some point.

I recently bought one of those plastic mushroom things that everyone but me had in their childhood. You know what I'm talking about- what my mother fondly remembers as a wooden spool with four nails in the top- that's right, the thing that makes knit cord, and is a lot less tedious than I-cord, but does require another peice of (inexpensive) equipment. Anyway, I'm using some wool singles in autumn colors that I bought from eBay a year or so ago (thinking it would be soft, I bought lots of different colors of 3-ply. Oy.), and as I knit the cord, I sew the cord in a coil, because I'm making a felted bowl. Yeah, jumpin' on the felted bandwagon and all that. It's a lot of fun, though. And easy.

Here, because I have no pictures of WIPs, is some yarn porn. I recently bought some potluck Spunky Eclectic yarn, and the colors are delicious:

Monday, September 25, 2006

Handspun, and my first guild meeting

On Sunday, I attended a Spindles and Flyers guild meeting. The September meeting is the show and tell and sell stuff you no longer want meeting, because in July and August, they don't meet.

There were about thirty people there (3 guys, which I think is pretty impressive), and while it was neat to chat and see how/what others are spinning, the show and tell was a bit lengthy- not everyone is a concise speaker (I know I'm not, but I tend to be verbose instead of incoherent).

The meeting really made me think about how much I'm enjoying my weaving class (and how, if I ever want to own a loom, I'll have to get my own place).

I bought some stuff (of course), but it was all pretty cheap. I got two Leclerc boat shuttles, pretty much because Nancy Alegria (who is in my weaving class, and whose daughter Olivia goes to the Girl Scout camp I work at) told me to, because they were a good price ($10 each). I also bought a bit of hand-dyed wool, and quite a bit of silk, in caps and roving. Also, a baggie of roving that I thought was silk, because of the feel and luster, but when I compare it to some of the other stuff that definitely is silk, I'm not so sure.

Anyway, I'm happy to have picked up some super-cheap silk, and it's totally gotten me in the mood for spinning. (Oh, and I joined the guild. Hee.)

In honor of my first-ever guild meeting, I give you some handspun porn:

Silk and baby camel sample (1 oz.) spun 2-ply into something like fingering-sock weight. (Top: in one of my dad's silver Navy gravy boats. Bottom: detail)

Wensleydale from Winderwood farm, chain-plied, worsted weight, I think.. It's over spun, so I'm letting it rest before I decide what to make with it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Woot- Go me!

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