Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Night

I went to Chicks with Sticks again this evening. I went with my best friend, Selma, who isn't really a knitter. She was working on a garter-stitch "scarf" using cheap acrylic; she gave me back my needles and yarn when she dropped me off at my house. Heheheh. Knitting just for looks.

CwS was super busy! People were sitting on the little-used stools, and it was quite noisy (Selma sat in the corner, and didn't say anything, but we had dinner in Bliss... mmm... deli food).

In other news, World Wide Knit in Public day ( is this Saturday!! Man, I am so excited! I think there'll be a lot of CwS people there. I was recently looking at the wwkip day website, and discovered that most states are having 1-2 gatherings, and Florida is having 6, but California is having 15! And there's a whole bunch in the Bay Area (I think it's in part because I posted that I was doing it in so many places, but also because the Bay area is filled with so many cool people).

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