Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Snowflake Slouch Hat

This pattern was totally improvised, so I'm reading my crochet as best I can. I started this as something to make while watching a movie on Thanksgiving, and even though it's a quick project, I was too out-of-it to finish until Friday.

I reccomend this hat to be worn kind of slouchy, and I designed (if you can truly design anything while flying by the seat of your pants) it to be a much looser, unstretched gauge at the top so it could drape a bit. You could do away with row 10 if you wanted a closer fit (or work another round if you want more slouch to your slouchy hat).

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Aran. I chose this yarn because it was what was at hand in my mother's stash, but the finished product will hold up pretty well, even if I find the yarn squeaky to work with.

Hook: I don't know; I fished a hook out of my mom's pen cup. Might've been size M, but you should work with whatever feels right, in any case.

NOTE: I end every round with a slip stitch, as it creates a neat base for the next round to be built upon. Usually, this stitch is worked into the top of the chain st that was worked at the beginning of the row.

EDIT: I use American abbreviations, so in English crochet terms, sc would be a double crochet, dc would be a treble, and tc would be a quadruple.

Make a slip knot. Chain 3 and join with a slip stitch (sl).
Round 1: Work 14 single crochets (sc) into the hole.
Round 2: Chain 1. Work 2 sc into the top of each sc of Row 1.
Round 3: *Chain 7, work 1 sc into the fourth st.* Repeat 5 times. Chain 7, work 1 sl into the base of the first loop.
Round 4: Chain 1. *Work 11 sc on each loop of chain sts. Work a sc into the sc below.* Repeat til the end.
Round 5: Work 1 sl into the top of a sc below, 4 times. You are now at the top of a loop. *Chain 5, work 1 double crochet (dc) into the top of the sc between the loops, chain 5, work 1 sc into the top of the sixth sc below.* Repeat til the end.
Round 6: Work 1 sl into the top of a sc below, 3 times. *Chain 5, work 1 dc into the loop left of the dc below, chain 5, work a sc into the loop right of the dc below.* Repeat til the end.
Round 7: Chain 1. Work a sc into the top of every st.
Round 8: Chain 2. Work 3 dc into every loop (there ought to be 14).
Round 9 and 10: Chain 2. Work 3 dc into the space between the 3 dc-bundles below.
Round 11: Chain 3. Work 1 triple crochet (tc) into the top of every stitch below.
Round 12: Chain 2. Work 1 dc into the top of every stitch below.
Round 13, 14, and 15: Chain 1. Work 1 sc into the top of every stitch below.

Fasten off. Weave in ends, and enjoy!


Joanne said...

Hey, cute hat! It looks super on you...and perfect for SF's weather and style. (I'd never get away with it here in KY; good thing I'm moving...)

Thank you for your really thoughtful note on my blog...it is so reassuring to hear (from another writer/reader out there) that it's not too weird to be excited about reading! The whole thing was,well, you've got to laugh. Cause otherwise, geez, what a crummy encounter...Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

love the beanie so much i tried to make 1 myself, however im having a bit of troble with your abbreiations!? are you using american or english coz uve got sc, dc, and trebles.let me know if im just being thick, lol!

Anonymous said...

hi ya.
love the hat!in fact i love it so much im gona try and make one myself!
However i am a bit confused... im new to following crochet patterns and im a bit confused by your abbreviations... we've got sc, dc and tc...are you using the American or the English system, or if i am being thick (and feel free to say i am) please explain what an American treble is (or an English sc is, as the case may be)
ta muchly
i look forward to being able to finish my new hat soon lol!

Anonymous said...

Ironically, I was looking through ravelry for a slouch that would be good for summer and stumbled upon this pattern. I think it'll work though. :)

liz said...

hey please email me back,

okay after step 7 i am very lost,
i just crocheted a single crochet into each stitch, then it goes to step 8 which says chain two, work 3 dc into every loop ( should be 14)

i'm so confused because step 7 just had me put a single crochet into every stitch.

so i'm very lost.

email is

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm kind of confused... The sl at the beg of round 5 throw off the "Work 1 sl into the too of a sc below..." Won't you be working sl into sl? And aren't these sl making the hat smaller? Really, round 6 is throwing me off everywhere. Should I be skipping the sc at the top of the loops in between the ch 5 or is that a typo(as in I really should be ch5, work a dc left of dc, ch5 work a sc right of the sc)? If you could explain how this should work, that would be awesome! You could email me at mbeasto@bus.edu. Thanks so much!!!