Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Holiday Knitting

Last night, the shop where I work had a trunk show. I stayed up way late there, and then again at home, so blogging was curtailed. Knitting, however, proceeded apace.

I had about two inches of another ribbed hat on the needles, and brought it along just in case I had a chance to knit. Well, as is so often the case, I made a chance to knit: I carried the ball under my arm, and worked away while I chatted with customers and neighbors, and listened to some live music. I only put down the knitting when I had to ring someone up.

By the end of the night, I'd gotten to right before the decreases, and today I finished what will be another Christmas gift.

It's a 3-ply handspun (chain ply, I believe, actually) in a heavy worsted. The fiber is a really fun blend of wool, with little bits in: other wool, snippets of ladder yarn, silk neps, sparkle. I purchased 6oz. from a seller at this year's Lambtown. She said she'd had her fiber processed by Spinderella (and I believe it- it's gorgeous stuff). I've got another 6oz in red waiting to be spun, but I'm holding off until I get older fiber out of my stash. (We'll see how well that holds up over time!)

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