Thursday, May 11, 2006

Little Knits Order Has Arrived!

A few weeks ago, I learned of a website that accepts PayPal (which is the only way I buy stuff online) called Little Knits.

I look on their website (all their yarns are listed in the left sidebar), and what do I find but pretty much everything discounted at least a little.

I couldn't help myself. I'd just gone though the Knitty archives to find projects I was interested in doing, so I had a list of yarns and needle sizes all ready.

Unlike my usual yarn purchases, I was going after multiple-balls because I had projects in mind (I don't think I've ever done that before!), so in the end there are only 2 yarns that are unique.

I bought yarn & needles to make Tubey (Cashmerino Aran, which is 55% Merino Wool, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere). I went with black for the body (I've definitely never bought one of those 10-ball bags before), and got two reds that have turned out to be way too similar, and three complimentary colors (terra cotta, sage and coral). I'm usually reticent to buy a) this much yarn (I'm not made of money!), b) cashmere, because it seems overpriced, and it's one of those things that I may have liked before it became popular, but didn't buy, but now that it's the Thing to buy, I don't want to seem like I'm bowing to consumer fads. (Buying afterwards is just as bad- that'd look like I was far behind the curve, and even less cool than if I were buying with the curve.) I got this because it's what the pattern calls for, and I'm sure as hell not good enough at sweaters to replace yarn. In fact, this will be my First Sweater.

I got their last 2 skeins of Lush (1/2 angora, 1/2 wool; mmm...) in white, so I can make Yorick. I learned afterward that Lush takes a little extra effort to felt, but I think I'll be OK.

In with the mix is LL Angel in Iris Garden (70% angora, 30% wool). It's a tiny skein (especially for $9.95), but soooo soft and fabulous. I have no idea what I'll use it for- maybe it's my first skein of it's-way-too-fabulous-I-can't-use-it yarn, or maybe I'll use it in one of my maniyarn scarves. Above the Agel in the photo is a ball of Cascade Ice, which is less like ice, and more like a floral vine. That's definitely going to be used in a multiyarn scarf. The orange/yellow/red yarn is an 100% cotton sock yarn from Catania (a company I've never heard of, but the yarn was cheap, as sock yarn so usually isn't).

Also, I got a skein of Araucania's Atacama (100% alpaca) in shades of purple. I've used the yarn before, and it's great. The skeins aren't presented in the best way- which may be why they often go on sale (mmm... sale...). (All the way to the left in the photo- you can just see it.)

I also got 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Swirl DK (Merino and Silk- seperate plies, so it looks pretty cool) in Vera and 2 in Camouflage. (Right in photo) The only thing I really object to with this yarn is that you need 2 skeins to make a pair of socks. Considering this was touted on the website as a sock yarn, I sort of resent having to buy two. Kudos to LittleKnits for telling the customers, though. And if I were really upset, I just wouldn't have bought the yarn.

I got 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Bittersweet, and 2 in Flames. God, I'm in love! I'm actually not sure what I'll make, but it'll probably be socks. Heh. It'll definitely be socks. I just want to get better at making them before I attempt it with yarn that costs this much, and maybe find a neat pattern to use. (Left in photo)

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