Saturday, May 27, 2006


I didn't realize how infrequently I update. I write a post, and then have something totally different but equally interesting to say, and I try to hold myself off, so I post more evenly. Seems more like I'm a slacker.

I just signed up for a couple of credited summer classes at ccsf (San Francisco City College): Elementary Russian and Beginning Metal Work.

The Russian I chose because I've always liked how it sounds when spoken by natives, and I'm good at picking up accents (but I'm not so good at remembering vocabulary!), and I have a book of Russian swear words (apparently they go for layered/manifold insults). I also like the idea of knowing a little of a whole bunch of languages. You know, like Tourist languages ("Where's the bathroom?", "How much is this?," "What meat is this?," "I'm sick." "That's too expensive." "Get away from me!"). I already know Tourist Mandarin, some Tourist Spanish, and I'm fluent in French, so I'm going to now learn Tourist Russian.

I'm taking the Metal Working class because I really wanted to take an art class, and they only offer weaving during the Fall & Spring semesters. The class is going to deal with soldering, annealing and the likes, and setting gemstones (ooh... handmade jewelry), and making sculpture. There's also going to be fieldtrips and we're going to learn about metallurgy through time. I hope I don't burn myself too badly; I already know how to solder- stained glass classes- but that's just lead, so the soldering irons are probably going to be hotter than what I have experience with.

In other news, I got my Mellow SP2 Downstream Pal, Becca from Conneticut. I know just what yarn I'm going to send her, so I just have to come up with the other goodies. Man, I really do love buying stuff for people (especially gift basket-type stuff). Course, I also got an eCard from my Upstream Pal (unnamed pal, I love you already!), and I totally love getting stuff.

That's the really great thing about SPs: not only are you getting presents in the mail (I love getting mail- it's almost a fetish), but you're also carefully selecting GiftiesTM for an almost-complete stranger.


selms said...

dude, russian's gonna kick ass and be super hard. you gotta teach me some basics.

Penny Karma said...